The following are documents and notices related to WGHOA Homeowners.
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Frequently Asked Questions
When will I receive my Annual Homeowner Billing?
  Annual Homeowner billing was mailed out in in January.
Why is the amount due on my Annual Homeowner Billing higher than last year?
  The amount due reflects the normal 3% annual increase. This increase is used to keep up with the cost of pool operations including: employee payroll; maintenance (chemicals, service fees, landscaping, etc.); and utility bills.
I don't use the pool. Do I still have to pay the Annual Homeowner Billing?
  All homeowners are required to pay their annual dues whether or not you choose to use the pool.
When is payment for the Annual Homeowner Billing due? Is there a penalty for late payment?
  Payment is due April 1st. Payment not received by April 1st will get a $25.00 late fee and possibly other fees.
What do I need to do when selling my home?
  When selling your home make sure your dues are paid in full and that the $500.00 transfer fee is paid in escrow. Please inform the buyer that we have yearly dues and that they must pay them yearly when they purchase a home in our association. Your Realtor needs to contact the Bookkeeper for a HOA packet.Call the pool phone and leave a message. 408-226-6445
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